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Jarek Kubicki

Jarek Kubicki, born in 1976 in Gdańsk, Poland, I am an artist, photographer and creative director – winner of many prestigious awards in the web design field. I graduated from Fine Arts Highschool in Gdynia and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Currently, I live in Warsaw and work in an advertising agency as a Creative Director. I have been involved in the creative process of many advertising prize-winning projects such as Beksinski.pl, Rumors about Angels II, both of which were honoured with Favorite Website Awards. In 2001 I have established my own graphic studio, Insania Evidens. I have designed numerous websites, corporate identities, industrial designs, books and music album covers; participated in several group exhibitions in Poland, UK, Belgium, Hungary and Romania. My works were published in many publications like Advanced Photoshop, Adobe Inspire Magazine, Artist and the Art, Altered Images „New Visionaries in 21st Century” or Imagine the Imagination „New Visions of Surrealism”. In June 2013 I had the first solo exhibition in Poland. In 2015 I had published the album „The Art of Numbers” which contains almost all my works.

Selected publications:

  • Photographize Magazine 2019
  • Paracosm Monthly (interview) 2017
  • Advanced Photoshop – cover and article (Worldwide) 2015
  • The Art of Numbers (first solo album) 2015
  • Gazeta.pl Weekend (interview) 2014
  • Adobe Creative Newsletter (Worldwide) 2013
  • Rebranding (China) 2013
  • BranD Magazine (Japan) 2012
  • Practical Photoshop Magazine (Worldwide edition) 2012
  • Practical Photoshop Magazine (Polish edition) 2012
  • E-Volved Magazine 2012
  • Adobe Design Center: Spotlight on Jarek Kubicki 2012
  • The Dignified Devil (USA) The Interview 2012
  • Practical Photoshop Magazine: Portfolio of Jarek Kubicki 2012
  • Altered Images New Visionaries in 21st Century Photography 2011
  • Artysta i Sztuka (Artist and the Art) (Poland), nr1/2011
  • Book Of Creation (Worldwide) 2011
  • Paradigmas da Arte Contemporanea (France) 2011
  • Musetouch (Worldwide) Visual Arts Magazine 2011
  • Suspence Magazine 2011
  • Imagine the Imagination New visions of Surrealism 2010

Events & exhibitions:

  • La Fenêtre, “2020, FOLLE ANNÉE GRAPHIQUE”, Montpellier, France, 2021
  • Rybnicki Festiwal Fotografii, Art presentation, Rybnik, 2017
  • Trzecie Oko, Solo exhibition, Kraków, 2017
  • Huśtawka Studio, Art presentation & Photoshop Workshops, Warsaw, 2016
  • Orimono, Solo exhibition, Berlin, 2016
  • Brighton & Hove Photography Club, Art presentation, Brighton (UK), 2016
  • Broken Boundaries, Cafe festival, Polish Institute, Budapest, Hungary
  • Passion For Freedom Art Festival, Special guest artist, London, 2015
  • Otwarta, Art presentation and solo exhibition, Gdańsk, 2015
  • Bunkier, Solo exhibition, Gdańsk, 2013
  • Klub Fotograficzny Ukryte Miejsce, Art presentation, Sopot, 2013
  • Lahd Gallery Ltd. London, UK 2012
  • Group Sinnersday Belgium 2009
  • Group 115 Digital exhibition Romania 2008
  • Solo Rumours About Angels II – Exhibitions and live act Poland 2005